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Always Striving

Over the weekend I had a dismaying conversation with a friend I made a few weeks ago. She let me know that she didn’t feel “safe” around me. Now, to be clear, she wasn’t implying that she felt physically endangered … Continue reading

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Polyamorous Predicaments

I recently got an email from a fellow blogger (sleepykitten – check out her stuff here!) who is not currently poly, but had a lot of questions about poly. She asked some great questions (enough to fill up three months … Continue reading

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Tinder Connections

For the last 8 months or so I’ve been making many new connections on the social media phone app called Tinder. You can read more about this app here.  The short version: Tinder links into your Facebook account, pulls some pictures … Continue reading

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The original version of this post was written in the wee hours of the morning on the night after Saint Patrick’s Day. I had a pretty terrible evening with lots of insecurity, lots of negativity, and a dash of self-pity. … Continue reading

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Party of One

When I started on my poly journey about 16 months ago, I had everything planned out. I would find a primary partner – I would live with this person, maybe get married if it made financial sense. I would then … Continue reading

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…but Neither is Monogamy

This is the conclusion of my post from Monday, “Poly Isn’t for Everyone…” – if you haven’t already, read that first! I also wrote a clarification to that post – also read that before proceeding! So we tell little white … Continue reading

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Clarifications and a Correction

This post is a brief follow-up to Monday’s entry, to offer some clarifications on my arguments, as well as a correction to my reasoning – read that first if you haven’t already! I still will have a full follow-up to … Continue reading

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