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Why poly?

“When/How did you know you were polyamorous?” This is one of the most common questions that I get from my monogamous friends. I didn’t include it in my first batch of “Commonly Asked Questions” (Part One of which you can … Continue reading

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The State of Marriage

I have far more to say on this subject than I can fit into one blog post. Check back for more thoughts on this subject later. Or just click the Category entitled “The State of Marriage” for all posts that … Continue reading

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Poly isn’t easy

The title of today’s post is “Poly isn’t easy.” The subtitle, if I had the option of putting in a subtitle, would be “but then again, no relationship is easy.” One of my goals with this blog is to show … Continue reading

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A Matter of Choice

I have touched on the topic of “choice” in several other blog posts, but because this topic is such a core part of my belief system, it really deserves it’s own post. So, here it is! We often talk about … Continue reading

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QFMMF: What Does Dating Look Like?

I recently had a new and exciting friend (we’ll call her Sara – that’s the name she chose!) ask me about what it’s like for a poly person to date, and how it might be different from the dating life … Continue reading

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