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The Many Loves of Patrick

Warning: This post contains discussion of my dating life, including discussion of sex and sexuality. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to read one of the dozens of other posts on here. One of my favorites is … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Poly Style!

Hello once more, dear readers. Today, I’m going to address another area of non-monogamy which I find a bit problematic. So, here’s my usual disclaimer: I understand that for some people, the type of arrangement I’m about to explore works very … Continue reading

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Short Bites

Soooo busy lately, and haven’t had time to write a proper post. I want to dissect some issues surrounding perceptions about poly, and doing poly “right” or “wrong” – there’s been a lot out there lately about these types of … Continue reading

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Polyamory Hierarchy

I’m in California, but I’ll be back soon – in the meantime, I’ve written this post in advance…enjoy! My introductory to polyamory was in the context of a hierarchical structure. I figured that all poly relationships were the same. A … Continue reading

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Dear Mom

Hello my dear readers. Today’s post is really, really different. It’s an open letter to my Mother, who I haven’t spoken to in almost four years. Shortly after my wedding (which you can read more about in this post), I … Continue reading

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Pantheon Profile #3: Gwen

Today’s profile will be with one of my longer-term, established relationships. Gwen. Ahhhhh, Gwen.  Gwen, like me, is fairly new to non-monogamous relationships, though she has been doing it for longer than me. She and her husband started off as … Continue reading

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It IS about Time

This blog, like polyamory is not about sex (though, dear readers, you can look forward to some sex talk in future posts!).  But polyamory is about time – and so is this blog post. Time…I’m writing this at 1:20am, CST. … Continue reading

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The Compersion Conundrum

So, before I started this blog, I first created a Twitter Account in order to get to know some folks in the online poly world. Of course, I wanted a catchy and clever moniker, so I chose @compersionator. Like a … Continue reading

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QFMMF: Infinite Love

Welcome to my new recurring blog feature, QFMMF! No, QFMMF is not some weird orgy-tastic kink party combination (though it sounds like it would be fun if so – I get the M’s and F’s, but what is the Q? So … Continue reading

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